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Lightning Silicon has licensed intellectual properties from Kopin Corporation on OLED micro-displays and optics including 30 patents/applications and seven OLED microdisplay products

Innovative Backplane Design

Lightning Silicon’s patented unique architecture and novel pixel designs offer

  • Much lower power consumption

  • Up to 30-bits of full-color control for high dynamic range (HDR) video

  • Monolithic integration of multiple functions inside a display including the MIPI and Display Stream Compression for lower power consumption.

  • Higher frame rates (up to 120 Hz, even for very high resolution of 2.6K x 2.6K) that minimizes motion artifacts

  • Very low frame rates (30 Hz or lower) without flicker, which allows very low power consumption for infrared and thermal viewer applications.

Foundry-Processed Anode for OLED Deposition

A proprietary anode layer suitable for OLED deposition is processed as part of the Si foundry processing, which simplifies the process steps at the OLED foundries and increases the device yield. The built-in anode enables different OLED foundries to easily deposit OLED structures on our backplane wafers.

ColorMax® Technology for
Tandem OLED Structures

A tandem OLED structure, which has multiple OLED structures on top of each other and connected in a series, substantially increases the OLED current efficiency and improves the lifetime by utilizing the carriers (electrons-holes) multiple times for light generation. However, tandem OLED structures tend to introduce color mixing among subpixels, resulting in unacceptable color performance. Lightning Silicon’s ColorMax technology incorporates a specially configured anode structure in the Si backplane to suppress the color mixing and allow good color gamut.


All-plastic Pancake optics enable thin, lightweight, and high-performance VR headset designs with field of view ranging from 95° to 105°. Lightning Silicon’s patent-pending Pancake optics design, together with processes to make aspherical plastic lenses with virtually no birefringence, can provide much better image quality, much smaller size, and lighter weight,  than anything previously available.

Pancake Optics

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